Team Resource Coaching is a company designed to partner with executives and professional teams to increase positivity and productivity, the two most important factors that create successful and sustainable results.  Each program is customized to the needs of the specific executive or team, building on the strengths of the participants to make seemingly insurmountable goals possible.

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Are you an Executive who
wants to:

Do you belong to a team that is:

  • Enjoy coming to work on Monday mornings?
  • High-performing and looking for its next innovative edge?
  • Perform effectively and efficiently?
  • Burned out, missing deadlines or over budget?
  • Meet deadlines on time and on budget?
  • Part of an organization in transition?
  • Inspire your colleagues and direct reports
    to perform at their peak?
  • Undertaking an important project?
  • Incorporate your core values into your job performance?
  • Impacted by gossip, turf protection, bullying or other toxic behaviors?
  • Leave the office earlier at night?
  • Newly forming?
  • Balance the demands for your time effectively?
  • Achieve challenging goals you never thought possible?
  • Create strong relationships with your direct reports?
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The costs of poorly-performing executives and teams can be staggering.  Employee turnover, mediocre performance, miscommunications with clients, conflict resolution, legal issues – it all adds up very quickly. 
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The Team Resource Coaching Difference
Kathryn Kemp, CPCC, is an Executive and Team Coach who is known for:

  • Creating settings where real breakthroughs can happen consistently.
  • Helping executives and their teams create a system and spirit of communication that will sustain positive relationships and high productivity for years to come.
  • Guiding executives and their teams safely through the most challenging conversations and welcoming honest feelings in service of getting to the deeper needs behind them.
  • Providing executive and teams with tools they can put into action immediately so they can flourish and thrive.
  • Showing people that executives and teams have within them the means to excel and that “conflict” is an important part of any growth cycle.
  • Remaining unflappable when people express distress and anger.
  • Inspiring high-performing teams to seek the next edge of innovation and inspiring teams in trouble or newly-developing teams to create environments that bring out the best in the team members.
  • Using a cutting-edge assessment tool that provides the team with an awareness of its strengths and challenges in areas of productivity and positivity.


To learn about the ways Executive Coaching and Team Coaching can positively impact your organization, please contact Kathryn Kemp.  Together, we will develop a customized program to meet your specific needs.

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