Team Resource Coaching believes organizations are comprised of sets of nested teams,
and that the organization, and each team within it, may be viewed as a system.



To download a document describing the Team Coaching Process, click here 

Alignment with the Client’s organization:
Team Resource Coaching begins the Team Coaching engagement by entering into an extensive discovery process with the Client.  Issues are surfaced and initial goals and objectives are created.  The engagement is customized to the Client’s needs, and the team coaching process is designed in alignment with the organization’s mission and values.

As the Team Coaching process progresses, issues are surfaced and new ideas are generated.  In the end, it is the team that will determine the final goals and objectives for the coaching assignment.

Team Resource Coaching uses the Team Diagnostic™ Assessment tool and a facilitation process that is unlike any other in the marketplace.  It is an on-line assessment that measures the team as a system in its current state.  It measures both productivity and positivity factors of the team as a system, not of the individuals that comprise the team.  All responses are anonymous, which creates and open, honest feedback process.

The Assessment tool is customized to meet specific team requirements.  It yields a powerful mapping process to identify next steps for team development with strong accountability for team members.  The Assessment provides an accurate benchmark for teams and serves as a jumping-off point for important conversations.

Can Team Resource Coaching provide team coaching without using the Team Diagnostic™ Assessment?
Absolutely.  Each program is customized to meet the specific client’s needs, and the assessment might not be the right tool for every team.

Facilitated Team Development Retreat:
The team will meet with certified professional coach/facilitators to ensure deep learning and create action plans.  A one- or two-day retreat will be conducted with the team to review results, introduce team enhancement skills and set next steps in team’s development.  The Team Development Retreats are customized to the Client’s objectives and are experiential in nature.  They focus on five main areas:

  • Creation of the Team Contract
  • Presentation and analysis of the Team Diagnostic™ Assessment (if assessment completed by team)
  • Celebration of team strengths and awareness of team challenges
  • Experiential learning to connect the assessment results with the real-time needs of the team
  • Creation of Action Plans with clear steps for team development

During the Team Development Retreats, Team Resource Coaching will build teams’ capacities by helping teams:

  • engage in an open and honest conversation
  • identify their current position
  • create a compelling vision
  • acknowledge the impact of change
  • highlight best conditions to maximize team performance
  • acknowledge areas of vulnerability within the team
  • re-energize by celebrating success and identifying new opportunities
  • identify areas for action and make collective commitments
  • explore how all of the above will contribute to creating a culture of client service

Team Resource Coaching’s experience has shown that major shifts will happen through this process.  Together with the team, Team Resource Coaching facilitators will progressively design group agreements that will support the team going forward.  This one- or two-day session will set the platform for an ongoing team coaching model for six months.

Ongoing Coaching Support:
Prior to completion, Team Resource Coaching facilitators will work with the team to co-design what the ongoing coaching support looks like.  It is critical that the team buys into an ongoing process and have a say in what the best support model will look like.  Continuing work on a monthly basis for the team with coach/facilitators is essential to the team’s sustained success.  

To download a document describing the Team Coaching Process, click here

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